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Please do yourself a favor and research bleeders , ask them for reviews from past buyers , know the signs of a bad breeder / puppy mill situation . Unfortunately for me I was very young when I purchased from this woman and her husband .

I believe her name is lumila . My dog was diagnosed with degerative disc disease and pulmonic stenosis . Both are GENETIC Disorders .

Any reputable breeder will be breeding to better the breed , not take your money and create unhealthy dogs with major genetic problems . Buyer beware !!

Review about: Fun Frenchies French Bulldog Dog.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am very sorry for your dog's troubles but unfortunatly this is an issue of all Frenchies. Please make note of very important information on Health of French Bulldog as posted on AKC WEBSITE.

Provide your Frenchie with regular checkups, routine vaccinations, tests for intestinal parasites, heartworm prevention, and flea and tick control. Your vet should do regular dental checkups and care, and you should clean your dog’s teeth regularly at home as well. As a short-faced, brachycephalic, dwarf breed, French Bulldogs may have some health concerns that you should be aware of. The short face can make their breathing less efficient than that of long-nosed breeds, so Frenchies have less tolerance of heat, exercise, and stress, all of which increase their need to breathe.

Keep your French Bulldog cool in warm weather, and avoid strenuous exercise.

If your dog seems to overheat or become stressed too easily, with noisy breathing and sometimes spitting up foam, consult the vet and have its airway evaluated for pinched nostrils or an elongated soft palate. Anesthesia is also more risky in short-faced dogs, so be sure your veterinarian is experienced with such breeds should your Frenchie need to be anesthetized. The spine also merits special attention.

Like other dwarf breeds, the stocky French Bulldog may also have abnormal vertebrae and/or premature degeneration of the intervertebral discs. While the spine is supported by good musculature, herniation of degenerated discs can cause major problems, and most symptomatic back problems are due to disc disease rather than to abnormal vertebrae.


thank you ! I've been looking for another Frenchie puppy in the upstate NY area . I will not be calling this breeder

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