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I now have two happy healthy lovable dogs from this breeder. And a friend with another happy healthy dog.

Some of these reviews are from owners who clear did not research the breeds common problems. Things like allergies, anxiety (desperation), elongated soft palate, cleft palate, and airway problems are common in the breed and are not the direct result of bad breeding but more the result of how the resessive gene from each parent manifested in the offspring. This stuff happens to humans and we don't call it bad breeding. Do your research!

I would buy from this breeder again. She was always around to answer my questions and she loves getting pupdates.

As for her house, it is clearly being worked on outside and the inside smelled like a normal house everything was clean. She even apologized for there being tools out because they are remodeling.

This person wrote the review because of good quality of fun frenchies french bulldog dog from Fun Frenchies. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Fun Frenchies to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her positive experience with the company.

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Thank you for your review.


Reputable breeders work to better the breed . They breed to *** out genetic deformities , instead of breading to continue them . Sounds like YOU need to do your research !

to Michelle 09 #1382562

I always try to breed the healthiest puppy possible, being as difficult breed as it is, but quirks of nature are sometimes unforeseen even when both parents are without any health issues and Vet checks out puppy at 8 weeks of age.

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