Fun Frenchies French Bulldog Dog Reviews

I now have two happy healthy lovable dogs from this breeder.And a friend with another happy healthy dog. Some of these reviews are from owners who clear did not research the breeds common problems. Things like allergies, anxiety (desperation), elongated soft palate, cleft palate, and airway problems are common in the breed and are not the direct result of bad breeding but more the result of how the resessive gene from each parent manifested in...
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In 2008 I contacted this woman looking for a french bulldog puppy. She told me there was only one from the litter, and he was a boy. I thought it was strange but I was young, and just wanted a frenchie so bad. When I brought him home to be checked by the vet, it was discovered that he had severe pulmonic stenosis. Pulmonic stenosis is a genetic heart condition that 100% would have been detected when the puppy was checked by a vet prior to...
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Anonymous Good for you ! This sounds disgusting . Shut this woman down .

I didn't like
  • Lack or care and concern for the puppy
  • Unclean and unkept surroundings
  • Puppy mill atmosphere